25 Things about me

8:15 AM

Sonia tagged me on Facebook with this tag months ago. I decided to this here because I haven’t updated my blog in a while.

1) I am addict to caffeine. I have to drink atleast 5 cups a day, If not i can’t sleep.

2) I even have lost the count of no. of video games I own.

3) I am the worst singer. I have no sense of tune; still Aditi thinks that I am the best.

4) I was given the worst dresser award in my 11th…. This made me a fashionholic. So blame them not me.

5) I hate watching senti movies because sometimes they make me cry and later I feel embarrassed.

6) I don’t approve of reservations. The needy anyhow never benefit from this.

7) I will never ever have another pet in life. I went through a bad phase when my dog died and never want to experience it again.

8) I prefer watching comedy, romantic and action movies.

9) I think that Jennifer Lopez is the hottest women alive.

10) The main reason I learnt Latin and Spanish was to impress J.LO.

11) I can cook for a minimum of 25 people… no kidding, I and my dad used to cook for family functions. My dad is a chef so I think I get this trait from him.

12) Even though I complain about my job, I still love it.

13) I hate driving in Hyderabad. They have no sense of driving. They don’t know rules and people who know think breaking them is posh. For example they take a left from extreme right, causing problems to people going straight. If you say something they complain that you don’t know how to drive, which is true. I don’t know how to drive HERE.

14) I think that wolves can teach you more about family than anybody else. I am kinda fascinated by them to tell the truth.

15) I once put up a fight with three guys because they were teasing a girl. After a few days that girl tied me a rakhi L.

16) I once used the pick- up line, “I never believed in love at 1st site before I met you”, and I scored that night… its India dude! Just got her number. I hope Aditi isn’t reading.

17) I used to hate math until my 6th class, later got obsessed with it and now I am an engineer… software though.

18) I hate the colour pink.

19) I am too proud of my height. I am 6.2 ½ but tell everyone 6.3 ft.

20) I hate reading books but LOTR are the only series I love.

21) When I was young I wanted to be a pilet

22) When I was a child I used to think that Denist’s were devils and would killed children who dint listen to parents.

23) I want to own a F1 team, one fine day.

24) I don’t drink or smoke and I am proud of that too.

25) I am very sleepy now so will head the bed. Have office 2row L.

I tag all my friends for this.

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Akshat Sharma said...

chal.. ab mujhe bawarchi ki koi gal nahi :P