25 Things about me

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Sonia tagged me on Facebook with this tag months ago. I decided to this here because I haven’t updated my blog in a while.

1) I am addict to caffeine. I have to drink atleast 5 cups a day, If not i can’t sleep.

2) I even have lost the count of no. of video games I own.

3) I am the worst singer. I have no sense of tune; still Aditi thinks that I am the best.

4) I was given the worst dresser award in my 11th…. This made me a fashionholic. So blame them not me.

5) I hate watching senti movies because sometimes they make me cry and later I feel embarrassed.

6) I don’t approve of reservations. The needy anyhow never benefit from this.

7) I will never ever have another pet in life. I went through a bad phase when my dog died and never want to experience it again.

8) I prefer watching comedy, romantic and action movies.

9) I think that Jennifer Lopez is the hottest women alive.

10) The main reason I learnt Latin and Spanish was to impress J.LO.

11) I can cook for a minimum of 25 people… no kidding, I and my dad used to cook for family functions. My dad is a chef so I think I get this trait from him.

12) Even though I complain about my job, I still love it.

13) I hate driving in Hyderabad. They have no sense of driving. They don’t know rules and people who know think breaking them is posh. For example they take a left from extreme right, causing problems to people going straight. If you say something they complain that you don’t know how to drive, which is true. I don’t know how to drive HERE.

14) I think that wolves can teach you more about family than anybody else. I am kinda fascinated by them to tell the truth.

15) I once put up a fight with three guys because they were teasing a girl. After a few days that girl tied me a rakhi L.

16) I once used the pick- up line, “I never believed in love at 1st site before I met you”, and I scored that night… its India dude! Just got her number. I hope Aditi isn’t reading.

17) I used to hate math until my 6th class, later got obsessed with it and now I am an engineer… software though.

18) I hate the colour pink.

19) I am too proud of my height. I am 6.2 ½ but tell everyone 6.3 ft.

20) I hate reading books but LOTR are the only series I love.

21) When I was young I wanted to be a pilet

22) When I was a child I used to think that Denist’s were devils and would killed children who dint listen to parents.

23) I want to own a F1 team, one fine day.

24) I don’t drink or smoke and I am proud of that too.

25) I am very sleepy now so will head the bed. Have office 2row L.

I tag all my friends for this.

I give all my friends blogs these awards -

Four of a Kind

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Nope, none have tagged me. I have decided to take the initiative and start this tag cause some has to start it for it to continue. This tag is being doing rounds in blogosphere for some time and i have decided to take it up. I am also going to do minor changes in it and i have added additions of my own to this like you have to state the reason why are you picking it and tag 3-4 people after you are done with the post.

Four places i want to visit -

New York - I am fascinated by the city life. What better place to see the fast paced life than the big apple.

Hong Kong - The reason stated above holds good.

Italy (Rome) - The beauty of that city is awesome

Las Vegas - Want to try my luck out there ;)

Four movies that i would recommend -

God Father - The reasons are pretty obvious.

Lord of the Rings - The drama of it is gripping.

Shawshak Redemption - One of the best movies i have ever seen.

Fight Club - The story, acting... everything about this movie is great. I would not sat its a Pitt movie as its not his but belongs to Edward.

Four Books I wish i were reading for the first time -

I am not much a book person but have read LOTR and God father.

Four favorite dishes-

Hyderabadi Biryani - Now that i am here i am going to eat it every single day

Aloo Parathas - My mum's are the best :)

Rajma Chawal - The only way i enjoy Chawal.


Four websites I visit daily -



You tube


Four Tv shows i love to watch -

Prison Break

How i met your mother - Robin is hot



Four things i would like to be doing right now-

Laze around on a beach

Have a relaxing afternoon with my family and friends in my home (i miss you guys)

Sky diving

Partying ;)

Four things i want to do before i die -

Go on a safari

Go for trekking

Go Bungee jumping off a bridge

Gamble atleast once...

Four favorite celebs -

Kate Winslet

Sachin Tendulkar

Robert Deniro


I am done you guys have to add atleast 2 additional things to this list. Have fun and i m tagging Rini, Ash, Stuti and Aditi :)